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Welcome to Hotel La Lanterne
La Lanterne, comfort and serenity in an authentic atmosphere.
An indoor swimming pool,
right in the heart of Paris…
Wellness at La Lanterne
An elegant atmosphere
Sophisticated decoration
The Hotel

Quartier Latin boutique hotel Paris

La Lanterne is a unique, independent boutique hotel, stylish yet friendly and inviting – a perfect example of Parisian chic. Every single object, such as the two oval windows rescued from a grand Parisian residence or famous Latin Quarter posters, has been lovingly sought out in antique shops.
The result is an atmosphere you would be hard put to find elsewhere.
The high quality material used speaks both of elegance and comfort with here and there some splashes of bright colors snuggling into a universe of quieter, neutral shades… away from the hustle and bustle of city life, tucked away in a private garden where guests can relax away from it all.

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A genuine immersion into a Parisian world

La Lanterne is located right in the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pantheon. It is ideal for visitors to Paris looking for an authentic place to stay. You just have to cross the river over to the Right Bank to find the museums, department stores and internationally famous designer boutiques – in fact La Lanterne is perfectly situated to experience the Paris of yesteryear and the Paris of today.

A Special Atmosphere

Les Héritiers - Interior decorators and designers
Pierre Dubois and Aimé Cecil, true ambassadors of French chic, have a passion for quality materials and unusual objects and give a true identity to the places they decorate. More than elegant furnishing, more than an original designer’s touch, Les Héritiers’ work is an invitation to step out of time into the history of Paris, sharing their passion and that certain, unmistakable je-ne-sais-quoi of French Style.

Nicolas Sénégas – Photographer
All the lights of Paris the Eternal are here in Nicolas Sénégas’ original photos; grand street and obscure passageway lamplights from different periods, the beautiful ornate lamps on the bridges, the lampposts in the squares and parks. Paris has always been known as the City of Light and these elegant black and white photos celebrate the unique beauty of the capital. An artist and two passionate interior designers have worked together to create La Lanterne.

Staff at your service

In need of some practical advice? La Lanterne’s staff will be there for you throughout your stay. Feel like dining out, going to a special exhibition or discovering an out-of-the-ordinary museum? Why not take in a show while you are here? Our highly professional and cheerful staff will advise you and guide you in your choice.