Hôtel La Lanterne - Offre

A place dedicated to sustainability

Aware of the climatical emergency, Hotel La Lanterne & Spa since is committed to act responsibly regarding our planet. We work only with partners that share the same social and ecological values than us. French and local partners to provide a short-circuit economy that advantages small producers.  Our dedicated team has set up daily habits to preserve and protect our environment and offer a high-end service to our clientele.


Hôtel La Lanterne - Offre

A choice for eco-friendly materials

In 2020, during the expansion of Hotel La Lanterne & Spa, we used ecological materials such as wood and a green roofing construction. In addition, we use no more single-use plastic (cups, straws) in our establishment; It has been substituted with more solid and eco-friendly materials such as glass that you will find in your room with a bottle available for sales.


Hôtel La Lanterne - Offre

Less energy consomption

We reduce our energy needs as much as possible with our LED lighting in our public space but also at night where we turn off the façade but also some spaces not used by our guests (the spa, the bar and the garden). We encourage our clients to reuse sheets and towels, to keep the recommended temperature in rooms to use less energy. We are particularly attentive to recycling and waste management.   

We optimize our energy reduction by adopting simple ecological gestures that have a huge impact in the long term such as: optimizing our digital equipment.

Hôtel La Lanterne - Société

Commited to social development

A place committed to social development In addition of being a workplace where ethic, diversity, employability, humans’ rights, health and security criteria are respected by all. Hotel La Lanterne & Spa values self-development, the talent and know-how of our team which is the cornerstone of our commitments and of the experience offer to our clients.

We use a steam machine to clean our common space and managers are trained to first aid on a regular basis. We are about to work with bed lifts to make the work of our cleaning team easier.  We promote local business: our hotel highlights the dynamism of the district by recommending you the best places and activities.